Dan Fitzgerald participates in Fairfield University’s StartUp Showcase

153Daniel B. Fitzgerald served as legal advisor at the Fairfield StartUp Showcase on April 5 at Fairfield University.  Fairfield StartUp is a year-long program designed to foster young entrepreneurial talent at the University through engagement with mentors and investors, many of whom are Fairfield University alumni.  StartUp Showcase represents the culmination of the program where students pitch their business models and negotiate seed funding.  Five teams took the stage to make their pitches and a total of $40,000 in funds were pledged by investors.  Mr. Fitzgerald is an alumnus of Fairfield University.

Additional information concerning Fairfield StartUp may be found at http://news.fairfield.edu/topstories/topstoryheadline%2C121004%2Cen.html?utm_source=newsat-4-8-16&utm_medium=allaudience&utm_campaign=featuredstory-startup-post-event

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Photographs by Diana DeLucia